About Us

Hey I’m Chantelle, I’m a mother of 2 Charlotte and Coby and been with my partner 7 years.

The reason behind this little business is because when Coby my son was about 9 months old and we tried basically everything for him to just sleep during the day and night, we were having the most terrible time with it. Like most sleep deprived parents we were absolutely desperate to try anything, then we tried essential oils, I had bought a sleep blend from another small business and you wouldn’t believe it, after a few days he was actually sleeping, as time went on my passion grew for essential oils and that’s when I took the plunge to by my own oils from doTERRA, best decision I made.

Another reason why we  open my small business was to also to make my little brother Cameron proud as he was tragically taken from us and we miss him deeply last year in November, I was unsure if I should have even opened but I know he would have told me to open.




Rest In Peace my beautiful Brother 


I feel like I’m doing something I love, making blends and supporting my family. 

I love that I’m able to support my family with natural ways from immune, sleep, emotional and so much more and I want to share my love with you. 

I’m greatful for these beautiful oils that are in our lifestyle and reducing our impact on the beautiful environment around us. I hope you are able to find some benefits with these natural products I have made as we have. 
Thank you 
Chantelle xxx