Luxe Matte Black & Rose Gold Soy Candle

Luxe Matte Black & Rose Gold Soy Candle

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A stunning combination that will catch the eye of anyone.

The matte black finish with the metallic rose gold inside is sure to showcase your candle beautifully.
A beautiful, large seamless tumbler 300gms 70 hour burn time

We have 10 new scents and our original scents to be chosen from

Our beautiful soy candles are individually hand poured in Melbourne using only pure soy wax.
Soy wax promotes a cleaner burn and are non toxic. 

The first candle burn is the most important. 
Make sure you burn your candle between 3-4 hours.
Doing so will create your candles 'memory', preventing it from tunnelling. 

It is also highly recommended to burn your candle for no longer than 4 hours at one time 
Allowing the candle to burn itself out, runs the risk of the jar exploding.
It is recommended to cease use of your candle when the wax is approximately 1cm from the bottom. 

Before every new burn period, make sure you trim your wick to 5mm. 
This will encourage a clean burn, 

When deciding on a new home for you candle, please make sure it is away from any drafts, small children/pets, and is also on a heat resistant surface.