Soap Exfoliating Bag

Soap Exfoliating Bag

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Not only do our  soap bags help stimulate the skin and promote blood circulation, they also help extend the life of your soap. Just pop your soap bar into the pouch and you are good to go!

They  are natural fiber that comes from the Agave Sisalana plantand is 100% natural, softer than a loofah and stronger and more durable than most other natural fibers.


 Stimulates blood flow.

 Extends the life of your soaps.

 Exfoliates the skin.

100% biodegradable.


1. Pop all your little left over soaps in this natural soap saver bag.
2. Hang the soap bag from the drawstring to dry.

Material: Made of pure natural sisal, sisal is a natural fiber, a traditional material rough enough to clean and exfoliate skin, delicate enough to keep your skin sparkling.
Drawstring design: The cotton drawstring allows you to put the soap into the soap bag and tighten the drawstring and you can hang it on the wall with its drawstring
Characteristics: The soap saver bag is great for exfoliation or massage. The friction creates rich foam on the skin, release dead skin cells and promote the blood circulation.
Multipurpose: Can be used for bathing, washing hands, showering and shaving,suitable for producing foam and lather up